The goal of the Institute is to provide accurate information about the Cherokee (and other American Indians,) resources, and connections with Cherokee people. We will read and discuss articles from a variety of disciplines. Interviews, field trips, and experiences on the Qualla Boundary will be integrated with academic study. Click for more info.


This class will not be offered this year.

The Museum’s first Cherokee language immersion class was offered in 2003 for tribal members through a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Workshops are offered throughout the year in pottery, basket making, and other skills.  Instructors are enrolled members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Workshops will be advertised on this website.

Staff development workshops for educators and other groups are available throughout the year at the Museum or at your school.  Topics include: Cherokee archaeology, pottery, history, literature, dance, storytelling; these can last from one to eight hours.   Workshops in “Cherokee 101: cultural sensitivity” require at least a half day.