Cherokee Friends

Cherokee Friends are tribal members who are experts in their culture and history.  They can also demonstrate firemaking, the atlatl, the chunkey game, traditional dance, and the marbles game.  They include storytellers, singers, and flute players.  Free programs at the Museum Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from 1-3 pm, outside the Museum as weather permits, and in the Lobby.

Book the Cherokee Friends for an exclusive program for your group in the “Cherokee Experience.”  For an additional fee, they can provide one-hour program for your group, including: Dance, Music, Storytelling, Primitive Skills, Flint Knapping,  and hands-on craft workshops.  Contact Dawn Arneach, at 828 497-3481 x207 or email:  or Mike Crowe Jr, at 828 497 -3481 ext. 202 or email