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Exhibits and Collections

"The Museum of the Cherokee Indian is revolutionary in its ability to tell stories and should be a model to other museums that are struggling to engage their audience in their message."
     --Van Romans, Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale California

The Museum of the Cherokee Indian has just installed a completely new exhibit that combines computer generated imagery, special effects, and audio with an extensive artifact collection. This $3.5 million dollar project tells the story of the Cherokee and their ancestors from twelve thousand years ago through the present. Learn who the Cherokee are and why they are still here.

The self-guided tour begins with the "Story Lodge" where ancient Cherokee myths appear through computer animation. You continue through the Paleo period, when mastodons were killed with simple spears. Through the Archaic and Woodland periods, people adapted the environment to their needs, creating agriculture, trade, and villages. The elaborate ceremonial activities of the Misissippian period echo throughout today's traditions. The period of contact brought trade, disease, war, and many cultural changes.


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