The 20th annual Cherokee Voices Festival is doubling is size.  Every master artist and performer is bringing a young person from their family or community who they have been teaching.  Enjoy two stages–one outside for music and dance, one inside dedicated to the amazing storytellers of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  Watch demonstrators create baskets, carvings, beadwork, pottery, stickball sticks, and more.  Young artists are bringing new traditions like silversmithing, decal making, and computer generated design.



Brandon Stephens, Master of Ceremonies

Main Stage

10:00 Dr. Jerry Wolfe opening prayer and storytelling
10:30 Alfred, Maybelle, Hunter Welch* gospel music in English and Cherokee
11:00 Blowgun workshop and contest open to everyone
11:30 Blowgun workshop and contest blowguns for sale in Museum Store
12:00 Raven Rock Dancers* traditional dance
12:30 Cherokee Songbirds music
1:00 Unto These Hills–dramatic skits drama
1:30 Cherokee National Youth Choir music
2:00 Cherokee Elementary School Dancers* traditional dance
2:30 Storytelling with Matthew Tooni flute and storytelling
3:00 Warriors of AniKituhwa traditional dance
4:00 Flute with Jarrett Wildcatt music


Landon French, Master of Ceremonies

Storytelling Stage

Multipurpose Room, Education Wing

11:00 Chi Shipman
11:30 Lloyd Arneach
12:00 Matthew Tooni
12:30 Dawn Arneach
1:00 John Grant Jr.
1:30 Freeman Owle
2:00 Jarrett Wildcatt
2:30 Jerry Wolfe
3:00 Landon French


FOOD Alsdayhdi

Nikki’s Frybread, all day.

Traditional Indian Dinner, Alsdaydi AniYvwiya: at noon by Cherokee Chapter of NAIWA–North American Indian Women’s Association*


BLOWGUN CONTEST Dugwesdi Dvnvgolvtani:

$5 cash entry fee.  Winner take all.

Bring your blowgun. Blowguns and darts for sale in Museum Store.


LIVING HISTORY  Tsunadvnele’i Iyusdi:

Richard Saunooke, Bullet Standingdeer, Wahlaluh and Sandy Brown



Ball Sticks Carving            Dr. Jerry Wolfe, Beloved Man*

Beadwork                            Bernice Bottchenbaugh, Ernest Grant,

Chigo’i Ledford, Monique Sokol

Cherokee Friends              Michael Crowe, Jarrett Wildcatt and Sonny Ledford

Clothing Making               Johnnie Ruth Maney, Nancy Maney

Crafts                                                Shirley Oswalt, Beloved Woman*

Leslie McEntyre, Jazzlyn McEntyre

Decals                                   Lacey Arch and Madison Hye

Earrings and more             Christy Long

Fingerweaving                    Karen George

Flintknapping                     Ed Goings

Honeysuckle Baskets        Lucy Teesateskie

Painting                                Edwin George, Jenean Hornbuckle

Photography                        Bear Allison, Madison Hye

Pottery                                  Dr. Amanda Swimmer*, Melvina Swimmer*, John Henry Maney*, Betty Maney*, Tara McCoy, Dean Reed

River Cane Baskets           Ramona Lossie, Mary Thompson, Sarah Thompson

Shell Carving                       Bill Radford

Silversmithing                     Zachary Goings and Ashley Goings

Stone Carving                     Freeman Owle*

Twining                                Sharon Littlejohn, Mike Littlejohn

White Oak Baskets           Ed Goings, Eddie Goings, Lauren Goings,

Louise Goings*, Tonya Carroll

Wood Carving                    Butch Goings*, Carl McCoy, Charlie Watty




EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS Gohi Iga Ditsilosdisgi

Sarah Stacke  and Kristy Maney Herron



Many thanks to the North Carolina Arts Council for twenty years of support for this festival.  Representing them today: Sally Peterson.  Gvyalihelitseha! We appreciate you!